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Science is a Siren

This was inspired by @starstryder’s tweet: “There’s no way to describe science w/o sounding dirty. #Science: It wants you to just do it day & night. Do science …

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Hi there curious. I’ve been waiting for you. We could do amazing things together, you and I. // Some people think it’s all about the chemistry. Others only care about the biology. And some … just do it by the numbers. Personally, I don’t care – bio – chem – math – whatever … It’s all good as long as we get to spend some time together.  I’ve got some things we can try – I’m all about experimentation … and I’m always eager to be observed. Those astronomers and their telescopes… Oh they can do me all night long. // What about you? Will you look me up sometime? // I’m science. And I want you to learn all about me, and maybe even discover something new about me everyone else was too busy to see. I’ve got secrets you know. Puzzles. // That’s right. My name is science … and I want you to get involved in me.

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